Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Acid Bath

In 1940 two men slipped into Britain using forged immigration papers to escape the totalitarian regimes of the both Stalin and Hitler.

These were father and son, Samuel and Ralph (nee Adolphe) Miliband, Ralph was born in Brussels of Polish-Jewish √©migr√© parents. Both his parents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, before his father, Samuel Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish–Soviet War.He is buried in Highgate Cemetery close to Karl Marx.

Ralph went on to become a darling of the New Left, a sociology academic. Having fled totalitarianism in the East arriving in a still relatively Liberal Britain, Miliband Senior set about propounding a Socialism to reproduce in Britain what he had fled from in 1940. Today one of his bland off spring (it really does not matter which) will complete the Miliband family's ingratitude to this country by presiding over a Labour party that has produced a Stasi state in the last thirteen years,wrecked the economy and produced an irresponsible dependent population. To cap it all launched the type of aggressive wars of occupation that Miliband senior fled from.

The Socialism that has influenced the Milliband clones is of a variety that is intellectual, high flown and theoretical. Its consequences of sink estates, poverty and wasted tattooed lives are of very little consequence to such 'East European' intellectualism. Intellectualism has only found root in Britain in the last sixty years of State Welfarism, because it allowed such ideologues to find financial support by finding 'employment' in ever growing State institutions and Quangos.
In Liberal Britain we once had learned academics who espoused the rigour of research in the arts and sciences, and embraced the liberal values of tolerance started in the age of Reason and Enlightenment.
Today will see the victory of Marxist Social Democratic Ideology over Tolerance and Reason, started when Liberal Britain gave refuge to another East European intellectual, Karl Marx.

This Labour Party election is almost North Korean in outlook, favoured sons of a political elite being anointed. That it is why it has been a boring and inconsequential 'election'. The real power lies with the Bob Crowe's of this world, the pay masters of the 'Nouveau' Left. They know that their overt hatchet faced class warrior rhetoric will not find favour with the people of this country, so they need the fresh faced Peter Pan's of politics (achievable by never having worked outside of the cloisters of Whitehall) to be the 'nice' facade of the brutalism of Bureaucratic Socialism.

What of the Conservatives and their erstwhile allies the Social Democrats ? Rather than fight on the grounds of individual Liberty, Cameronism has swung behind the 'Social Democratic Centre'. When Cameron was elected as Party Leader, the Conservatives were looking for somebody to ape Tony Blair, and they found him.
We now have a Prime Minister who would rather pander to a bloated State and Welfarism, than maintain our defence forces. Defence is the only valid reason for a State to exist. By Defence I mean the defence of our Home Islands not wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. These entanglements should be ended immediately. Bring the troops home, re-equip properly, pay the armed forces a living wage, and ensure that unlike the Wars of Wellington, The Crimea, First and Second World Wars the Servicemen whose lives have been wrecked and that of their dependants are paid a Military pension, that far outstrips that of a dole to sustain the dull, lager drinking fraternity.

The Acid Bath I refer to in the title is a political system that has very little legitimacy, it is a system of interlocking Whitehall elites. The Acid does not allow the Greens, UKIP, the far Right,the far left, Liberals, Libertarians, Nationalists a say in any National debate because we are denied a voice.
I am currently standing as Leader of the Libertarian Party. A party I hope to persuade to adopt a change to the Libertarian & Constitutional Party, to fight for not only Libertarian Policies but for Constitutional Reform and to introduce a Swiss Style Constitution where the State is subordinate to the Canton (County), the Canton subordinate to the Individual.

Only by draining the bath of the Acid that kills all political debate other than the elitism of State Milibandism will this country start to have some pride and direction. The only alternative is the continued growth of State Corporatism, with attendant repression and loss of freedom.

© Andrew P Withers

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tax Blunder Rebellion

Never mind the politics of whether or not William Hague is gay (not in the slightest importance to me) this is serious stuff, and should make any sensible person question why they should not be a Libertarian. I reprint in full the following from the Anna Raccoon site in the hope people are going to start waking up.


It’s been a while since there has been a story in the press that left me with my jaw so far down that it hurt. But today, I believe, we are firmly back in the deranged world of government gone completely insane:

HM Revenue and Customs could take direct control of every worker’s monthly pay cheque under plans to overhaul the error-prone income tax system.

Instead of employers deducting income tax then paying gross salaries to employees, the gross monthly payment would go to an HMRC-run tax “calculator”, which would then pass the net salary to the worker.

The reform would mean the end of traditional monthly payslips, because employers would no longer be able to tell workers how much tax they had paid each month.

The immediate thought that comes to mind is: what do we do when (and not if!) this all goes wrong? What happens when, as will inevitably happen, HMRC makes a balls up and takes your whole month’s salary? Who will you fight with? Without a payslip, how do you budget for the forthcoming month, especially if you are on highly variable wages? What about people with all sorts of different sources of income? How will this “help” them? What about people who have valid reasons for submitting an annual return to claw money back?

Inevitably, this kind of glorious “lateral thinking” is a result of the many failings of the people in HMRC. Why is the long-suffering taxpayer being exposed to this extraordinary risk? It’s not like the government exactly has a fantastic track record when it comes to grandiose computer systems.

I’m going to do something that I don’t generally do, because I’m not as erudite at campaigning as Anna: I’m going to ask you to spread the word about this as far as you can; I’m going to ask you to write to your useless MP and complain in the strongest possible terms about this insane idea; write to your local newspaper, tell all your friends and do everything you can think of to stop this insane idea from becoming reality.

Because although Anna is a wonderful campaigner, I don’t think there’s enough of her to go around to save each and every one of us!

UPDATE: I am generally loathe to update articles, especially if they have only just been published, but I feel that this information may be of great value to 1.4 million taxpayers:

The first batch of 45,000 letters demanding cash to be repaid will start to arrive on Tuesday – with the rest sent out over the next four months.

But accountants said recipients should act swiftly to use a little-known loophole which forces HM Revenue and Customs to abandon ‘out of the blue’ demands and effectively write off the money.

They also insisted many of those affected are entitled to argue that they or their employer have done nothing wrong and should not be penalised for someone else’s blunder.

Enough is enough. It is time to starve these incompetent thieves of our hard-earned money!