Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Slow Collapse Of The Labour Years

So Speaker Martin has gone. There is much talk of this being a historical moment, it is nothing of the sort, it is just another limb falling of a rotting corpse that is the decaying version of Parliamentary Democracy as practised in this country.

Even now the pundits are placing bets on who is going to be the next speaker, like it is some bloody game of cricket. The edifice the is the 'Rotten Parliament' is giving way under grass roots pressure for sackings, jailing (and worse) and a new political settlement.

Whilst the current crop of bloated pigeons strut around their gilded cage huffing and puffing about the dignity of Parliament, outside the cage is a cold wind blowing. The anger of the electorate.

Also there are the hungry cats of the independents and minor parties watching and waiting.

If Cameron thinks he is going to run this country as a shoe in, with a 'faux' landslide he should start thinking again.

We want a bonfire of Laws- not Green Blue State Conservatisim. Carswell and Hannan have been the most impressive politicians in the last three months, Cameron weak and unprincipled

We want less Government, abolition of Quangos, Simple and Less Tax,fewer MPS,elected Chief Constables, Impeachment of Blair for lying to Parliament and dragging us into a wrongful war, the shopping list is huge, but above all accountability.

Brown's days are now numbered in weeks